Distribution TITANIUM DIOXIDE grades

Distribution  TITANIUM DIOXIDE grades

(white pigment)

  1. Prime Rutile Chloride type :  LCR 821
  2. Prime Rutile Chloride type high gloss : CR 510
  3. Standard Rutile Chloride type : R1930
  4. Prime Rutile Sulphate type : R216
  5. Prime Anatase : A100
  6. Prime Anatase : A200 (food)
  7. Standard Anatase : A101

We have experience with all of these grades at several European customers and willing to discuss in depth the parameters your choice of pigment was based on as well as equivalency comments.  

Ti02 is a finely divided powder with a high refractive index, easy dispersing, non toxic, chemically inert, absorbing UV light, scattering visible light very effectively thus giving whiteness, brightness and opacity.

The chloride types are made with a newer less waste producing continuous  process versus the older sulphate batch process but both derived from ilmenite ore.

The various rutile grades differ in: purity (>90%, 92%, 94%,…), colour, impurities, undertone, opacity, ease of dispersion, gloss, durability.

Some grades have inorganic surface treatment for aging protection or organic treat for dispersibilty improvement.

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