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RC Impreg 400® is a ready made, high performing, colorless,  waterbased waterrepellant for porous substrates (concrete, bricks, cementeous plastering, natural stone, roof tiles, …). The RC Impreg 400® is based on a mixture of different increasing molecular  weight polymers offering an optimal and lasting waterrepellency effect. RC Impreg 400® is solventless, inflammable, odorless and can be applied to wet, dry or alkaline substrates- even fresh joints. This almost invisble after application product therefore respects the original aspect of the wall but shows a remarkable beading or lotus effect .






RC Impreg 400® is a micro emulsion penetrating easily porous substrates and since containing over alcoxylated oligomers it can be used also at very alkaline materials like fresh joints, plaster, fresh concrete… The products penetrates very well and resists UV from the sun.


  • Protects against heavy rainfall and bad weather
  • Reduces waterabsorption
  • Non filmforming and not altering the aspect of the substrate
  • Allows the substrate to breathe (permeable to water vapor)
  • Slows down the formation of mildew
  • Reduces freeze damage
  • Limits the formation of efflorescences
  • Prevents premature staining
  • Solventless, non toxic, colorless, inflammable
  • Excellent ageing, non yellowing
  • Can be applied to wet or dry substrates (also fresh joints)
  • Impermeability according Karsten tube test (100% after accelerated ageing test)




The substrate surface must be clean and without dust and mildew. Eventually treat substrate with fungicides prior to RC-Impreg 400® application. Old cracks, bad joints should be repaired prior to application and eventually the use of stone hardener may be needed. In that case it is recommended to wait 3 weeks before using RC-Impreg 400®.




Treatment  preferably should be done by wetting the substrate using low pressure, roller or brush and without creating vapor or pulverizing the product. Application should be carried out from bottom to top with horizontal movements. It is convenient and appropriate to proceed twice wet on wet. Using an electric pump with constant pressure is recommended.

Technical Information


Base:                                                                                  oligomers

Active material :                                                                   10% + 0.2

Specific weight/density at 20° C (DIN 51757)         ± 1.05 g/ml

pH                                                                                           8 – 10

Aspect:                                                                              milky white liquid

Alcaline resistance :                                                            Excellent (pH  up to 14)

Wetting angle (ASTM D5946):                                        > 60°

Water vapor permeability:                                           coefficient μ < 10

Maximum efficiency :                                                         after 7 days

Consumption (depending porosity substrate) :             0,5 to 1,0 liter per square meter



Efficiency after accelerated ageing                            on bricks :                                           100%

on natural stone :                                97%



Consult latest material safety data sheet.


The window frames and glass windows should be protected and accidental spillage should be cleaned immediately with water.The RC Impreg 400® product should not be applied to non porous substrates like marble, granite, glazed bricks…In case of doubt a pre test should be carried out.The ideal working temperature is between 10°C and 30° C. If efflorescence salts are present these need to be removed prior to RC-Impreg 400® application.

Cleaning tools

Use water

Storage / Shelflife

The product should be stored frost-free at temperatures between 10 °C and  30 °C one year after production date in the original closed packaging.


5 liters  pails



Legal notice


The information given herewith and particularly the recommendations given for the application and final usage relative to the Rwanda Chemicals products have been provided in good faith and based on today’s company knowledge for its products when stored and used as indicated in the technical leaflet. As in practice substrates, specific conditions, etc may vary widely all advice and recommendations given by Rwanda Chemicals ( Kigali Chemical Group Ltd) substitute no guaranty and customers should be testing compatibility for his specific case before using. No guarantee can apply in case of non conform application. Not respecting the written advice implicates no guarantee other then the legal guarantee against hidden defects. Rwanda Chemicals reserves the right to alter the properties of the product. The rights of third parties  imperatively should be respected. All orders are accepted subject our Conditions of sale in force. The user should imperatively consult the most recent version of the Technical datasheet for the corresponding product.

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