RC Mortier 100® is very suited for all situations where water can be problematic as e.g. waterproofing works in cellars, tanks, swimming pools, foundation walls, terraces, etc.

Also cementations, grouts, mortars that need a high degree of water tightness require  RC Mortier 100®..

Le RC Mortier® :

° facilitates workability (vertical application!)

° optimizes the water/cement ratio

° imparts flexibility, adherence on many substrates

° limits  the risk of cracks

° reduces wear and dust

° plasticises the mortar

° imparts surface hardness



Dilute the product  :  1 part RC Mortier 100®  on  2 parts water     (volume)




Mortar :                                                          0,500 l/m2     (x cm thickness)

Tie layer :                                                       0,100 l/m2    (x mm thickness)


Tool cleaning

Rince/clean with water immediately after usage


Information Technique

Base :                                                            copolymeric

Solids :                                                           48 %   +/- 1%

Ph                                                                   8,5 – 9,5

Density :                                                        1,2 kg/l

Aspect:                                                            clear/transparant (non tacky/non foaming)

MMFT:                                                            + 5° C

VOS content :                                                 max 0,05 %




5 and 20 liter pails, 200 kg drums



The product should be stored frost-free at temperatures between 10 °C and  30 °C one year after production date in the original closed packaging.










Legal notice
The information given herewith and particularly the recommendations given for the application and final usage relative to the Rwanda Chemicals products have been provided in good faith and based on today’s company knowledge for its products when stored and used as indicated in the technical leaflet. As in practice substrates, specific conditions, etc may vary widely all advice and recommendations given by Rwanda Chemicals substitute no guaranty and customers should be testing compatibility for his specific case before using. No guarantee can apply in case of non conform application. Not respecting the written advice implicates no guarantee other then the legal guarantee against hidden defects. Rwanda Chemicals reserves the right to alter the properties of the product. The rights of third parties  imperatively should be respected. All orders are accepted subject our Conditions of sale in force. The user should imperatively consult the most recent version of the Technical datasheet for the corresponding product.

Download this technical data sheet here


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