RC Mortier 100 PRO

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RC MORTIER 100 PRO is based on an emulsion of styrene-butadiene polymers in water and is especially formulated for the stability and performance in cement mixes. The product act as adhesive and binder in mortars and slurries and achieves the best bond between old and new substrates. The elasticity and mechanical properties allow much better adhesion to the substrate. In concrete , the product reduces the water cement ratio for better performance and durability. In waterproofing properties, the latex improves the waterproofing and chemical resistance. The RC MORTIER 100 PRO is normally diluted with water depending on the expected performance (see scheme).





• Excellent adhesion • Better performance in hot climates • Reduction of shrinkage • Lower modulus of elasticity • Easy application • Waterproofing performances • Improved chemical resistance • Non-toxic, water based, no voc • Better abrasion resistance

Where to use

• LATEX increase the quality of ordinary cement and concrete mixes such as: floor screeds, renders, thin layer repair and patching mortars, abrasion resistant coatings, masonry mortars, tile adhesives, and can be used as bonding agent between old and new concrete. • Waterproofing of underground structures like reservoir wall, foundations in concrete or brick-work.

How to use

• Remix the product before using • Clean the substrate, and remove dust, oil, grease, or other strange substances. • Dilute RC MORTIER 100 PRO with water and prepare the mortars as in the table below (see next page) • Particular dry and absorbing substrates can be treated as primer with a mixture of water / LATEX 1:1 -1/3 in order to reduce absorption. • As key-coat, use always a mixture of 1/1 in water. • Perform the repair in 1 layer, or in more successive layers. Apply in the latter case the additional layer when the first one has set. Finish the first layer always in a rough way to provide a good key. • Do not apply at temperatures below +4/+6°C.

Physical properties

• Specific weight: 1.0 gr/l • Solid content 46-48 % • colour white • type Styrene-butadiene dispersion • odour Slightly ammonical


Containers of 1000 kg, jerry can of 5lt


When stored in a dry area, elevated from the ground, the product has a shelflife of 12 months.


Read carefully the safety indications on the packaging, or consult the relevant safety datasheet of this product. Avoid
contact with skin and eyes – wear protective clothes and eye protection during work – if skin contact occurs, wash skin
carefully – if in eyes, hold eyes open, flood with warm water and seek medical attention without delay.

Consumption – indications of use

The above information may be subject to modifications, which will be announced in the updated technical datasheets. We cannot held responsible for poor results that are due to causes unconnected to the quality if the product.


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