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Rising Damp

A capillary water problem or rising damp issue is a natural phenomenon recognizable by off white blooming and/or mildew or worse at the bottom of porous walls that are in contact with a wet floor. Often it’s cause is the lack of a damp proof course or a failure in this impervious membrane at foundation level.

RC-Mortier 100®  (mortar resin additive liquid)

RC-Mortier 200®  (mortar resin additive powder)

RC-Inject 300®      (injection products)

Rain infiltration

The facades receiving the prevailing rain start absorbing water. Joint and foam damage may occur. In addition, water can penetrate the entire thickness of the wall and damage the inside of a building.

RC-Mortier 100® (mortar resin additive liquide)

RC-Mortier 200®  (mortar resin additive powder)

RC-Impreg  400®  (impregnating coating)

Other humidity problems

Also over-insulated modern houses may have condensation problems if not properly ventilated.

Wall cracks (crevices) or humidity bridges  can allow locally  important quantities of water penetrating the house.

Molds can attack wood but even masonry.

Water- Repellants  

RC- Mortier 100®

(mortar resin additive)

  RC- Mortier 100® is stable polymeric water dilutable compound, specificly designed as binder for cementuous,  plaster, lime or other mineral binders.
Features : imparts waterproofing mortar or concrete  imparts resistance against  wear out and dustingimparts adherence of the mortar to all substratesimparts surface hardnessimparts processing ease and plasticises the mortarimparts resistance to traction and flexionimparts cohesion between materialsimparts resistance against cracking   Properties : color : white milky                                                                    pH : 8 to 9 for 48% undiluted solution diluent : water                                                                          shelflife : 1 year storage :  room temperature (above 10 °C)                        solids : 48 % application : homogenous mixture 5 to 10% on cement (dilute 1/3) visco : < 300 cps                                                                        non tacky consumption per kg mortar :           RC- Mortier 200®  (additive résineux mortier –  mortar resin additive) RC-Mortier 200®  est un poudre  redispersable  …..                     ???????????????????????????????????????                                                                      RC-Impreg 400® (impregnating coating)          

RC-Impreg 400® is an impregnation coating based on a  “silicones” for hydrophobing mineral substrates. This product develops its properties by reacting with atmospheric CO2 and creates a beading,  luster or lotus effect on the treated wall.

Characteristics :

Application with brush, roller or vaporisation on bricks, limestone, sandstone or wood. It gives a colorless protection, non yellowing, almost invisible and preserving the natural look of the inorganic substrate.  

Properties :

color : colourless to slightly yellow                                   pH :

diluant : water                                                                       pourcentage de solide :

storage : ambiant temperature preferably  (> 10 ° C)

application : applicate without dilution by brush, roller or airless

consumption per square meter :

RC-Inject 300®

(injection gel)

RC-Inject 300® is a clear, odourless, modified polymeric  based injection resin to be injected in to 12 mm ꝋ  predrilled wall holes  (at 100 to 120 mm intervals)  by simple injection with a silicone gun to form a continuous chemical damp proof or water-repellent layer.

Features :

• Imparts water repellency to a wide variety of substances.
• Reduces capillary water absorption into the substrate
• Colorless and non-yellowing protection preserves the natural appearance of the substrate.
• Penetrating and breathable.
• zero VOC.
• Non flammable.

Properties :

Color : clear to slighty yellow

pH : 13

diluent : water

solids : >75%

shelflife : 1 year

storage : preferably at room temperature (above 10 °C)

price per “cartridge” 600 ml :                                                       price per running meter :

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